Student of Architecture in Madrid (Spain) and this blog is dedicated to Art&Architecture and some of my works in the university.


Fields of Black Paper Flowers Create a Striking Landscape by Lauren Fensterstock | via

In Lauren Fensterstock's installation work, oceans of black grass flow from room to room and ebony flowers thrive in an unnatural lushness. The artist uses jet-black paper to create dark and expansive site-specific landscapes, thick with flowers, reeds, tendrils, and vines. By doing so, she adds an artificiality to the seemingly natural environment.

Fensterdstock challenges the norm in her work. Flowers are expected to be bright and colorful, but the mounds of heavily textured flora are disturbingly monochromatic. While the unusual pallor of the flowers might seem to indicate they are burnt or dead, they actually appear to be flourishing in the barren topography.This unexpected vitality seems somewhat post-apocalyptic and the obsidian scenery becomes darkly poetic.

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My First post of 2014 is a selection of the most famous works of JAMES TURREL ” The master of light ” all of his works create different sensation in the spaces just with the ornamentation of light…

he is capable of changing states of emotion just with light. His exposition in the Guggenheim museum in NYC is one of the best one he has ever done.

Hope you enjoy it! Have fun and Happy New Year to everyone!!

Today’s post is making a big tribute to Roy Lichtenstein’s works, by doing a review of some of the most popular paintings of this artist. I Hope you enjoy it !! Loving POP ART!

Here we have another work of Ai Wei Wei a great artist from china, this work is called template and is wood made.

Japanese artist Onishi Yasuaki is known for his ethereal and seemingly weightless installations of plastic membranes suspended in midair by black hot glue. Now he embarked on a slightly different approach with his latest work, ‘Vertical Emptiness’. Currently on view at the Kyoto Art Center, the piece is made from upside down tree branches from which is draped a delicate framework of hot glue and crystallized urea compounds. The result is a sort of frozen snowfall that connects the gallery floor and ceiling. You can see the piece in much more detail in the video below by Kuroyanagi Takashi.

Watch the video

This post is dedicated to a great Japanese woman, Yayoi Kusama, she is one of the most famous artist in the world of contemporain art. This serie of works (visual works) are influenced by the horrible things that his family did to her and became her obsessive, nowadays she is in a psychiatric center in Japan. But his work takes you to another dimension, and infinty of lights and colour, and that is one of the secrets of her success 

After the great success of my post about a piece of Ai WeiWei, here we have another of his master pieces , he plays in this piece with light and shadow, also with the power of colour 

I hope you enjoy this post